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I have a Worry

I have a Worry

SKU: 364215376135191
This book is a beautiful hard covered, A4 sized book. It contains glossy inside pages illustrated with vibrant water colours.
  • Why this book?

    ‘I have a Worry’ was written to help build a child’s skill set when considering a worry. The little purple worry allows the children to think about their problem using a concrete tool. They are then able to ‘give’ this worry to someone else for some time, empowering the child as to whether they will allow the worry to control them or not.


    The feelings in this book have been shared by the children I have worked with over time.  These are their descriptions of how some worries make them feel.


    These books will only be posted using Registered Australia Post.

    Please be aware you will be required to pick up and sign for your books at your local post office once you receive notification that they have arrived. This is to ensure that your book/s arrive as safe as possible.

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